The Lighthouse Omnibook – David Liebman & Steve Grossman

There are a couple of books every saxophonist should have in their library. The Charlie Parker Omnibook in Eb, Michael Brecker Collection Vol. 1 and Michael Brecker Collection Vol. 2, Stan Getz and now, The Lighthouse Omnibook.

This great collection contains all the solos off Elvin Jones’ Live At The Lighthouse album. This book is great. The notation is a little questionable (IE: bad formatting in Finale, etc), but the content is amazing. I have a transcription of Taurus People I got from someone in college that was ok. The transcription in this book nails it.

For anyone looking to learn how to improvise in a more modern style, get this book. 9.8 out of 10 (.2 deducted for poor notation in areas, which could easily have been fixed).

Michael Brecker’s Health 2006

From David Liebman’s newsletter:

"MIKE BRECKER'S CONDITION I am thrilled to report the absolute latest news
on Mike Brecker's condition as of today (Dec 30). Mike has shown great
improvement in the blood cell count that is the essence of his recovery
after the operation of several weeks ago which basically constituted a
transfer of his daughter's 'good' cells into Mike. He is out of the hospital
and recovering in an apartment in the city where he was operated on,
expecting to be there for awhile as they monitor the cell count. THIS IS
GOOD NEWS and everyone's positive wishes are with Mike and his amazing