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Sheet Of The Week – Look At What You Made Me Do (Tayler Swift)

Latest from Taylor Swift

  Look At What You Made Me Do for Eb Instruments by Taylor Swift (135.4 KiB, 15 hits)
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  Look At What You Made Me Do for Bb Instruments by Taylor Swift (134.7 KiB, 9 hits)
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So, you noticed the little donation thing at the top and at the right? No? Well, it is there. Jazz-Sax isn’t really cheap to run. There is the reoccuring domain registration fee, and then my monthly internet bill (which is a little more due to the static IPs I have that allow for running a web server).

The Google Ads have been deferring the costs of just running stuff. It helps, and I don’t think the ads are as obtrusive as they could be. Fairly tame. However, the little Atom powered server that the site runs off of (great little Linux box by the way) could really use a SSD to replace the current Hard Drive (which is about 3 years old or so….don’t really know. 24/7/365 x 3+).

I’m hoping that either we can raise some money to get one (they are like $60 now for a 50 gig one, and that is basically what it needs) or if someone has one they want to donate. Either way. It would help to ensure a faster, more stable site. Plus the MySQL database would probably scream on a SSD compared to the current HD. The site gets way bogged down due to MySQL queries.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Big Thanks To All!

About a year or so ago, I added Google Ads to my various websites. I chose to do a rather unobtrusive banner ad rather than something more obnoxious like everything you click on brings up a popup. Well, I finally got a check from Google. So, those clicks on ads do actually turn into money! It took about a year to get past the $100 mark. Can we do it sooner this time? Maybe? So far we are at $6….

Perhaps I’ll put something cool up from my archives if we can reach $100 within a shorter time……wonder how much money I could make if everything little thing caused a popup ad to happen…..hmmm………


This is just insane. I was a SmartMusic user. It has value. I wanted to change my account type to the $30 a year. I wasn’t using all the “features” of the Educator account, and all the educators I know use the $30 account. So I tried to change it. They wouldn’t let me. I told them to cancel it.

Actually, you should have cancelled it prior to it renewing, by allowing it to renew you agreed to pay the current year, per your license agreement. Payment needs to be received no later than 7/15/09 to avoid the possibility of being turned over to an outside collection agency.

Linda Olson
Sr. Staff Accountant
MakeMusic, Inc.

So, if you let your account lapse, they will threaten you to pay. Even send an invoice to a collection agency to collect if you do not pay. So all those $30 subscriptions, they will go after you. This is how they are making money. It is NOT by producing great notation products.