Media Management For The Musician

Managing your digital media in this age is rather daunting. A lot of people have ditched their iTunes libraries and gone to the subscription music service model. Some of us still have huge libraries of music. All those recordings you made in college, or those boot legs of various bands you got. Or teaching materials you have acquired over the years. You have a library of stuff. But how do you manage it?

Part 1 – Storage
For me, I’ve always had some sort of redundant system for storage. You need a redundant storage system, be it one hard drive cloned to another, or something. DO NOT KEEP EVERYTHING ON ONE DRIVE…..Drives fail…..then your stuff will disappear. From 2000 to 2008(?) I had a PC I inherited from a failed high tech startup that had a RAID 5 drive array. Basically, it takes your data and puts it across 3 or more drives in a way that if ONE drive fails, you can replace that drive and it will rebuild itself and you do not lose any data. And did a backup of this to a large USB hard drive. So TWO copies my digital assets.
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The AKG-C414

If you have read this site over the years, I have noted that my favorite mic is the AKG-C414. I have two of these microphones, a ULS model and an EB model. My favorite for saxophone is the EB model. It adds….how would I describe it…..a little more punch or personality than the ULS. The ULS is a great mic though, but the EB adds a little more. Either way, I like BOTH microphones. has a good little history piece on the AKG C414 microphone. If you are looking for a microphone, and want to make an investment in your studio, seriously look into getting a AKG C414.

Pedalboard 2.0

Basically, the idea of a dual EWI/Sax pedal board has died. Too many issues trying to get the EWI volume stable. Basically, the level, even with a boost and a volume pedal, never was right. It’s just easier to run it through a board. At some point, I’ll get something like a Radial Keylargo for Pedalboard 3.0, but…that is a lot of money, and it probably won’t fit on the current pedal board. Though I suppose I could lose the POG and the tuner and just go all H9.

Pedalboard 2.0

The cool thing here is that I am using a Mi.1 rev 2 connected to the H9. So, using Forscore, I can have the H9 automagically switch to the right patch on the pedal. So the Q-Tron like effect I have, it’s ready to go. Or in Forscore, I can have a little button area to switch to the patch. It’s pretty cool.
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Inside One Of America’s Last Pencil Factories

From the NY Times:

“A pencil is a little wonder-wand: a stick of wood that traces the tiniest motions of your hand as it moves across a surface. I am using one now, making weird little loops and slashes to write these words. As a tool, it is admirably sensitive. The lines it makes can be fat or thin, screams or whispers, blocks of concrete or blades of grass, all depending on changes of pressure so subtle that we would hardly notice them in any other context. (The difference in force between a bold line and nothing at all would hardly tip a domino.) And while a pencil is sophisticated enough to track every gradation of the human hand, it is also simple enough for a toddler to use.”

As a musician, I’ve used countless pencils to mark up music. To take notes. To write music. It’s basically part of your musicians toolbox.

Sheet Of The Week – Attention (Charlie Puth)

Another pop hit.

  Attention by Charlie Puth for Eb Instruments (101.5 KiB, 27 hits)
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  Attention by Charlie Puth for Bb Instruments (109.0 KiB, 18 hits)
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Sheet Of The Week – New Year’s Day (Taylor Swift)

Yet another by Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

  New Year's Day by Taylor Swift for Eb Instruments (128.7 KiB, 9 hits)
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  New Year's Day by Taylor Swift for Bb Instruments (129.3 KiB, 8 hits)
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Spotify hit with 1.6 Billion Dollar Lawsuit

From Gizmodo

Spotify has been hit with a huge copyright lawsuit that alleges the music streaming company “failed to pay songwriter royalties to a publishing company approximately 21 percent of the time,” according to the complaint. Wixen Music Publishing filed the $1.6 billion lawsuit against Spotify on December 29th. The music licensing company says it represents Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, Missy Elliott, Neil Young, Weezer, and the Beach Boys, among other artists.

Honestly, ABOUT TIME. These companies make TONS of money off of things they do not make. Artists would be better off just putting stuff on Youtube with Ads than on Spotify.