A Short History Of The Bob Mintzer Big Band

Aaron Hill – Ferling Oboe Studies

Great set of videos by Aaron Hill on the Ferling Etudes. Check them out here.

Electron microscope slow-motion video of vinyl LP

This is very very cool. Remember records?

Band in a Box 2015 for Mac

After much delay, PG Music released Band in a Box 2015 for Mac last week. Whoohoo! Here are some of the new features:

  1. Audio Recording
  2. 33 More Jazz RealTracks
  3. 36 New Pop/Rock Tracks
  4. Saving a song to video and upload it to YouTube
  5. Read/Write Support for Apple Loops

There were also some enhancements to the GUI, but if you were expecting a more Mac like overhaul, you are going to be sadly disappointed. When they say GUI enhancements, they mean that when you have a track that has a banjo, it shows you where the banjo is rather than lumping it in the string section. Useful, but it should have had this a while ago. Not sure how useful the saving a song to youtube is going to be. They also have a save to soundcloud feature but I’ve never used that.

Another great thing they finally added was that it can now check for updates on it’s own. Not that they need to push out updates to this rock solid piece of software. Still, it is a welcome addition.

Is it worth buying this update? Yes. The real tracks alone are worth it. Love the new real tracks, and wish there were like a 100 of them in each style rather than 33 or 36.

This is still probably the best piece of software a musician can own. Go get it.

Minor Scale Usage

This is something I give out students to make sense of what minor scale works where. It’s especially nice since it’s not like the Aebersold “mixohypersuperlocieron” naming system where they name the same minor scale something different depending on what note it starts on.

  Minor Scale Usage (66.3 KiB, 16 hits)
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