Moment’s Notice – John Coltrane

Somehow this fell off the site again…

Moment’s Notice by John Coltrane

  Moment's Notice - John Coltrane (Bb Tenor) (51.3 KiB, 176 hits)
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  Moment's Notice - John Coltrane (Eb Alto) (48.1 KiB, 122 hits)
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Uptown Funk on Woodwinds

All I have to say is ……. well played sir, well played.

And damn you for having all that gear!

Sheet Of The Week – You R In Love (Taylor Swift)

Yes, another Taylor Swift. And yes……there is not a video for it.

  You R In Love by Taylor Swift for Eb Instruments (93.8 KiB, 5 hits)
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  You R In Love by Taylor Swift for Bb Instruments (98.0 KiB, 2 hits)
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Yoko Kanno Interview

Great interview with Yoko Kanno on Red Bull Music Academy.

Anime has steadily grown in popularity since the ’90s, and Yoko Kanno is one of the most famous musicians working in the genre. The career of the producer who “changed the history of anime music” became widely recognized in 1994 with the score to Macross Plus. Her splendid orchestrations in combination with vocals, tribal, techno, and breakbeat elements were original to say the least, and garnered accolades from many throughout the Japanese music scene.

Gotta love Anime. They have these amazing musical scores in a season of 12 episodes (or that might be the whole show). Compare that to the music in something like Arrow, which is sorta boring and they use the same things again and again…

Best Blogs I Followed In 2014

Wow, 2014 is over already. Luckily, I spent some of 2014 reading some blogs that I find interesting.

  • Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. This site generally has good articles posted on it, though lately there are other authors posting. And the quality of the articles is a little questionable (like the “Introducing the Most Unique Sax Tone Development Device on the Market).
  • Bill Plake Music. Great articles here. You should follow the site.
  • Bobby Stern Jazz. If I had to rank my favorite sites, this would be #1. Bobby posts AWESOME exercises, transcriptions, and articles.
  • Bret Pimentel posts great, insightful articles.
  • Matt Otto Good free things to work on. Glad he stopped charing $.99 for his sheets on Scribd
  • Jazz Advice. I think every article they have put out is great. If anything, everyone should read every article here.
  • Bulletproof Musician. Like the above site, every one of the articles is great. Go read them. Now.
  • Casa Valdez Studios. He hasn’t been posting much, but when he does, you need to read it. Good stuff.

Yet Another “Vintage Meyer” Clone

Seems every year, we have another “this is THE vintage Meyer copy” mouthpiece. Here is a review of D’Addario’s latest attempt.

As an owner of a vintage Meyer Brother’s alto mouthpiece, a 4 that was opened up to a 6 by the late great Jon Van Wie, I have never found a mouthpiece like it. Not to say that there are not great mouthpieces out there, there are PLENTY of excellent mouthpieces being made today. They just lack the “character” of a vintage Meyer Brothers piece.

Beulah Witch

Here is an arrangement I did of Beulah Witch from the Tribute to Buddy Rich album. Enjoy.

Update: I found a mistake in the saxophone parts. Somehow they were missing a bar around letter J. That has been fixed. Also posted an alternate version with two altos instead of Soprano and Alto.

  Beulah Witch (1.5 MiB, 20 hits)
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  Beulah Witch (2 altos) (1.5 MiB, 5 hits)
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