Sheet Of The Week – Wonderland (Taylor Swift)

New song by T Swift. Sadly, there is no “official” video yet for it.

  Wonderland by Taylor Swift for Eb Instruments (106.0 KiB, 0 hits)
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  Wonderland by Taylor Swift for Bb Instruments (108.2 KiB, 0 hits)
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Beulah Witch

Here is an arrangement I did of Beulah Witch from the Tribute to Buddy Rich album. Enjoy.

  Beulah Witch (1.5 MiB, 2 hits)
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BeatBox Sax Tutorials

Derek Brown started his cool tutorials on how to BeatBox on saxophone this week. He posts new videos on Tuesdays. Subscribe to him!

Review: Gruv Gear V Solo

There comes a time when you just can’t carry all your stuff to the gig. Your tenor….and soprano…..and flute…..and stands…..and a music stand…..and a microphone stand. It’s a lot of stuff. Then you have to walk a good mile because the parking for the venue sucks balls and you are about a mile from where you want to be.

So, you decide it is time to get a cart. But what sorta cart? There are tons. Something multi-purpose, where it can be a dolly (hand truck), a cart, and maybe something inbetween. Then what you want is a Gruv Gear V Solo. It is a stylish, sturdy (holds 500lbs), and compact cart that can easily hold all your horns. Consider it.
2014-09-20 17.59.19 to Shutter

Not sure when launched, but it was recent. And now it’s ending due to lack of funds. Go figure. In fact, in the email sent out to it’s members, they only ever made $30 in donations from 2010 to 2014. That is sad.

I think what really killed it was lack of good content. What I have seen over there were shoddy “transcriptions” or “arrangements” songs. And they were peddling subscriptions at $50 a year for them? Say what? You could get a better transcription of mostly the same songs (or better songs) here for nothing.

As probably the longest running saxophone site on the net (check, we were up and running way back in May of 1999….that sax on the something didn’t start until November of 2001), it’s really hard to make money running a site unless you are putting out lessons and/or other high quality material(s) like Steve Neff and Bob Reyonlds. Producing that stuff takes a LOT OF TIME, especially all those books Steve Neff does. Hours and hours of tedious work. I have a tough time trying to get a sheet of the week out, but these doods do videos and books?!? Where does one have time for this?

It was a good idea, saxophonecommunity, but it was trying to be an upscale Sax on the something site. Not sure why we needed another one of those.

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