Sheet Of The Week – Pompeii (Bastille)

Pompeii by Bastille. Enjoy.

  Pompeii by Bastille for Eb Instruments (94.2 KiB, 1 hits)
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  Pompeii by Bastille for Bb Instruments (92.1 KiB, 0 hits)
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Great Practice Tool

Tired of the metronome? Want to try something different? Try this


Moon Hooch Tiny Desk Concert

Flaccid Fallon Joke

Doing late night comedy is hard. Especially when you have the disability that is Jimmy Fallon. How he got the Tonight Show gig when it should rightfully go to Conan I don’t understand. Anyhow, the tonight show USED to have some sort of class to it. At least when Johnny Carson ran it. I never watched when that other guy took over.

It seems the other night Jimmy was struggling for some comedy, so he took to attacking one of the world’s best flute players, Robert Dick. Now, I can sorta see how you could riff off making fun of his last name, and that he has a book called “The Other Flute”. Ok, fine Jimmy. Penis jokes, yes, I don’t think they have ever been on the Tonight Show so up front. But then you took it too far by saying Robert looks like a dick. What the hell was that? Would Johnny Carson have done that? No.

Man up Jimmy and publicly apologize to Robert Dick, and have him on your show to make up. There is a petition going on here to make this possible. Over a thousand people have signed it.

Pono Player Review

This was an interesting review of the fabled Neil Young high quality audio player.

“You know how every once in a while you buy the $40 bottle of wine instead of the $8 one, thinking you’re gonna have a special dinner or something?” Senior Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson wrote over instant message. “And you get home, and you make the salmon or the pasta or whatever and you light the candles? And you pour the wine, swirl it like they do in Sideways so that it looks like you know what you’re doing… you bring it to your lips and after smelling it—it smells like wine—you have a sip? And it’s like… yeah, I guess this tastes good or something, but really it just tastes like wine?

“The Pono Player is kinda like that, but for music.”

Basically, encode your stuff at a high bit-rate, and if you are serious about listening then invest in some high quality preamps and DACs.

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