Rolling Stone Greatest Albums List

Rolling Stone has a new list of the 500 Greatest Albums out. Of note are:

  • “12. Kind of Blue, Miles Davis”
  • “47. A Love Supreme, John Coltrane”
  • “94. Bitches Brew, Miles Davis”
  • and “100. In the Wee Small Hours, Frank Sinatra”

Personally, I’d rather have Sinatra at the Sands in there but, it’s good to know that Miles beat Abbey Road by the Beatles 😉

Tweaking Smart Music On The Mac

I have a love/hate relationship with MakeMusic’s Smartmusic. First, the love part. I love that it has a lot of backgrounds for classical etudes, and you can slow them down, tweak the key, etc. You can even record yourself with it, though the quality and the mixing of the resulting recording is not great at all.

Hate part. They tether you to the computer. Personally, I hate looking at a computer monitor all day, and for music. I like to have music stretched out on my stand. 3 Pages sometimes. A lot of stuff, including the jazz stuff in Smartmusic, is screen only. While I can understand copyright issues for songs, for simple little jazz patterns I don’t. Why not let people print them?

Anyhow, the Continue reading Tweaking Smart Music On The Mac