What To Use To Remove Neck Buildup

Ok, this is nasty. My tenor and alto have like mineral deposits in them now. We aren’t talking GOLD or anything, but like…….yuck stuff. What really works in getting rid of this stuff? I’m thinking maybe white vinegar (they use this for removing buildup in irons).

This video however, by the Village “Expert” says just to use the brush thing. I dunno….

Sennheiser Headphones – How They Are Made

Doing well in this economy? Need a pair of cans (headphones)? Got $1500 to spend. Then perhaps you need to check out the Sennheiser HD800 headphones.

Want to know why they are that expensive. Look here.

The review of it pretty much sums them up “If you want the most inspiring, mouth-wateringly gorgeous and stunning personal audio on the planet, these are the headphones you want to try out.”