Rico Reeds Videos

Rico Reeds has some really great videos of Walt Weiskopf up explaining one exercise from his book “Around The Horn” (which I highly recommend!).

They also have some great videos from other artists like Chris Potter, Mel Martin, Ronnie Laws, etc.

But then, they have videos from this Shannon Kennedy chick which were……..what? I dunno what to make of them. They have these great pros talking shop and technique, and then you have……who? Shannon who? I mean…..who is she? And she discovered fire….I mean that you can play faster if your fingers don’t move too far from the keys? No……way……amazing. Though Eddie Daniels might disagree, but what does he know? Seriously…….I mean like…..OMG……Eddie Daniels. I mean…..psh.

Leon Breeden Dies

Sad news

“Leon Breeden, the longtime director of jazz studies at the University of North Texas, who half a century ago transformed the program from a clandestine enterprise into the international Mecca for jazz training it remains today, died on Wednesday in Dallas. He was 88.”

My college band got to do a concert with North Texas State’s One O’Clock band (well after Mr. Breeden left). We were rehearsed and sounded good playing Thad Jones arrangements. They came in and sightread all the tunes we had prepared and sounded better. Damn.