Sheet Of The Week (Black Friday Special) – The Catalyst (Linkin Park)

Black Friday Special……whomever gets up at 4 in the morning to shop is stupid.

  The Catalyst by Linkin Park for Eb Instruments (96.3 KiB, 154 hits)
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  The Catalyst by Linkin Park for Bb Instruments (98.9 KiB, 80 hits)
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Sheet Of The Week – Butterfly (Jason Mraz)

Another Jason Mraz. I like his stuff. It’s jazzie and hip and….unique I think.

  Butterfly by Jason Mraz for Eb Instruments (161.7 KiB, 310 hits)
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  Butterfly by Jason Mraz for Bb Instruments (149.9 KiB, 236 hits)
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Farewell: Himie Voxman

I heard about this on the Klarinet list this morning, and now it is verified. Sad. He made and complied a lot of wonderful things.

Farewell: Himie Voxman:


Himie Voxman (1912-2011)

Influential music educator and longtime University of Iowa faculty member Himie Voxman has passed away at the age of 99. If you are a woodwind player, you have almost certainly used, at some point in your musical studies, something written or edited by Professor Voxman.

Check out the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s tribute for a nice overview of his life and career.


(Via Bret Pimentel, woodwinds)

Sheet Of The Week – Home (Breaking Benjamin)

I like Avenged Sevenfold better, but these guys have some good stuff too.

  Home by Breaking Benjamin for Eb Instruments (85.3 KiB, 101 hits)
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  Home by Breaking Benjamin for Bb Instruments (85.4 KiB, 51 hits)
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The Pressing Of Vinyl

The Telegraph has an interesting article and video about the resurgence of vinyl records. I know a few people with really high end record players who swear the vinyl sounds way better than CD. And it does. CD technology hasn’t changed since the 80s. We are still pressing out 44.1Khz 16bit music for the majority of the stuff pressed. On iTunes, I think they upped the bit rate to 256 AAC, but the music is generally mixed down to 44.1 and 16 bits still. There are exceptions here and there. Most computer speakers and the headphones that come with an iPod/iPhone won’t do that stuff justice anyhow.

Five years ago, vinyl records were facing extinction but the past few years have seen a remarkable change in fortunes. In 2011 alone, sales have risen a further 40 per cent, to a quarter of a million units. Radiohead’s The King of Limbs, the year’s biggest seller on vinyl, shifted 20,000 copies. That was enough to persuade the band’s label, XL Recordings – also home to the mega-selling Adele – to announce the launch of a new vinyl webstore in the United States this month.


Sheet Of The Week – Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

Yet another from her. I dunno….kinda not into her music.

  Rolling In The Deep by Adele for Eb Instruments (93.2 KiB, 662 hits)
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  Rolling In The Deep by Adele for Bb Instruments (101.6 KiB, 263 hits)
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Two iPad Goodies

There are a lot of accessories out for the iPad that a musician can use. Two that have caught my attention. The Digitech iPB-10 which slashgear had a review of

This week the the DigiTech iPB-10 has been revealed, a digital pedalboard which will allow your iPad to play host to several music pedals at once. Inside with your iPad running the official app for this device as its plugged into the device itself, you’ll have access to 87 different pedals, 54 amplifiers, and 26 cabinets, all at a flick of your finger. What more could you want? And don’t say a DJ station, because that’s separate, and we’ve done that before as well — read on for guitar iPad action!


This thing sounds awesome if you are a guitar player or a EWI effects addict (raises hand meekly). Except…..$499. Though it sounds like it works without the iPad in it, so, you could have presets all ready and not have to put the iPad in there. This thing also has it’s own DSP chips so the quality of sound and perhaps latency might be better. But still…..maybe $299 would be a better price point?


The second piece of gear is the Alesis iO Dock. This thing is $199, and has phantom powered mic inputs, quarter inch outputs, pedal input, headphones. And it works with Garageband, so you can record or whatever you want on it. This sounds amazing and is on my Christmas list this year. XLR inputs means you should be able to hook your sax up and start using effects with this baby.

By the way, Garageband is a MUST HAVE iPhone/iPad/iTouch app. It works on all three now. $5. had an excellent review of it using Garageband.