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Google Shutting Down Reader

One of the things I use A LOT on the internet is Google Reader. It is a way easy way to get feeds from a ton of sites in one place where you can view them all, and if you are interested click on them and go to the site and read more. I spend at least 30 minutes each morning going through my feeds and reading things I find interesting. Google Reader fetches all these and keeps them insync for me, so if I happen to use Reeder iOS app to read some of the NYT Arts articles, later when I am on the computer, it won’t show me those again. It has been a huge thing for me for a while now. Now Google is killing it off.

The internet was in an uproar about it. I was too. Damn Google.

Alternatives? So far I think NewsBlur is the top for me. I already paid for a year ($24). I also bought Fever, but for some reason it won’t import my exported Google Reader data. Fever sounds really great, and it would be my own private store of feeds, and I could use my favorite Apps (Reeder) to view the feeds. Hopefully my email to the creator of Fever gets a response.

Big Thanks To All!

About a year or so ago, I added Google Ads to my various websites. I chose to do a rather unobtrusive banner ad rather than something more obnoxious like everything you click on brings up a popup. Well, I finally got a check from Google. So, those clicks on ads do actually turn into money! It took about a year to get past the $100 mark. Can we do it sooner this time? Maybe? So far we are at $6….

Perhaps I’ll put something cool up from my archives if we can reach $100 within a shorter time……wonder how much money I could make if everything little thing caused a popup ad to happen…..hmmm………