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New Site

Welcome to the new Site. Most all of the stories and comments transfered over. The ones that have not should be migrated over in the next week or two.

I think there might be some problems with the Login thing. Can someone check it out and post about it?

Fixed the Download problem I think……maybe……

Also fixed a cache problem. I think it works better now…..now if I could only get the old slash site up to continue to move stories and files over…….

Update 8/29/07, well, there still are about 500 some stories that need to be sifted through. It is long, and boring, and long and boring……but it is going. Hopefully some of the other patterns and pdfs will be up soon.

Update 8/31/07. Still have something like 500 stories/articles to sift through. Erg…..Hopefully sped things up here with some caching and some MySQL tuning.