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2013 NAMM Oddities

Barry Wood has updated his NAMM Oddities page from this year’s NAMM show. NAMM is a trade show that happens around the beginning of the year for music related items.

Some saxophone related items are here:

Instrument Care Apparel. I guess this appeals to people? I think its a waste of money but whatever…

It’s BAAAACK. Yes, the Vibrato Plastic Saxophone had a NAMM display this year. Though I had a post of it way back in May of 2011, two years later they are finally at NAMM. Whoohoo. So another two or so years until there is an actual shipping product?

Not to be out done in the Polycarbonate playhouse, NUVO has a line of plastic flutes and clarinets. Joy to the world.

NAMM Oddities

One of my favorite sites every year is the NAMM Oddities site where Barry Wood puts up strange things he saw at the annual NAMM show. This year there were a LOT of iPad things. Most of the things are geared towards drums and guitar and tech. However, there was ONE thing on the NAMM oddities page that caught my attention.

JoyTunes has developed a rather interesting learning system for recorder. Check it out. It could easily be applied to any woodwind or brasswind instrument. Stuff like this has been around for piano for ages. Sorta like Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Check it out for yourselves and decide.

NAMM Show 2008

The NAMM show kicked off the other day. So far, I haven’t seen anything that pops out “Whoa, that’s neat” to me. Some interesting things are:

I haven’t seen anything saxophonish yet……..

Gear Shows Coming Up….

There are a lot of music related shows coming up. CES (next week), NAMM (towards the end of the month), and MacWorld (Jan. 15th I believe). Lots of cool music related items to be showed there. Here is a peek of a few.

Belkin’s RockStar. Connect 5 headphones to one iPod. $20

Sennheiser wireless headphones. These new ones use something other than bluetooth or wifi, and supposedly sound better and have a better battery life as well.

More things soon.