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Carbon Fiber Necks?

Found this interesting.

“Custom-made high-quality saxophone necks, made of top quality carbon fiber and water-resistant epoxy resin coated with ultraviolet-light-resistant polyurethane, are designed by musician/engineer Antoine Lefebvre and Zen Composites. For any wind instrument, composite materials may replace copper to produce stiffer, lighter and shock resistant bodies, which may be particularly attractive for large brass winds and saxophones”

Except that saxophone necks aren’t made of copper…..I don’t think. Interesting stuff though. Wonder if it sounds better than the plastic saxophones….

What To Use To Remove Neck Buildup

Ok, this is nasty. My tenor and alto have like mineral deposits in them now. We aren’t talking GOLD or anything, but like…….yuck stuff. What really works in getting rid of this stuff? I’m thinking maybe white vinegar (they use this for removing buildup in irons).

This video however, by the Village “Expert” says just to use the brush thing. I dunno….