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A What?

*sigh* I feel old. I still think that going to old record stores is a great thing. You can still walk out with hours of music for $10 or less. And perhaps find an artist who’s works never made it to the digital era. Plus, I refuse to buy new or used CDs. They are STILL the same price they were in the 80s if not more. Pure greed on the RIAA’s part.

50 Tons Of Records Donated

CNN has an interesting article:
“The more than 200,000 records represented the entire inventory of “Records Revisited,” a landmark Manhattan store owned by Morton Savada, who died in February of lung cancer at age 85.

The collection, valued at $1 million, weighs 50 tons and represents more than a half-century of American music history.”

Wonder what gems one would find in there. Albums that aren’t produced anymore. That is one of the great things about going to an old used record store, finding that album that was only done on LP…….