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Interesting Music Stand

Barry Wood has finally put up his NAMM 09 Oddities page. There was this interesting item.
The QiVinci s is modelled on the classic music stand and was conceived especially with performing and learning string- and wind-musicians in mind.
With QiVinci s, the musician can dedicate his full concentration to the music, rather than interrupting the flow of his performance at the end of every page. By means of a foot switch, the pages are turned automatically, silently and inconspicuously. Whether learning or in the midst of a concert performance, the QiVinci s provides musicians with an elegant, stress-free way of playing from one page to the next. QiVinci s not only opens a new repertoire to the concert musician, it also accelerates the practice process for the music student.

Who said paper is dead?

Managing The Paper Clutter

I don’t know about most people, but I have stacks of paper all over the place. Articles out of magazines I thought were interesting, old manuscript paper, etc, etc. For receipts, I have been in the practice of scanning those for a while, for taxes and stuff. But the paper stacks, I try to scan them, but it just takes too long (there are a LOT of stacks, and they are fairly thick). My Epson CX6600 is good, but scanning takes a lot of time. And then, there is the “what now” problem.

A sheet feed scanner sounds like a great solution. Fujitsu makes this ScanSnap product that can, supposedly, do up to 18 double sided pages a minute. It’s a good chunk of change though, nearly $500 (they have some rebates going at the moment). It does come bundled with Adobe Acrobat 8 though. Plus, it has some OCR stuff which will allow the scanned things to be searchable.

I had, years ago, a Visoneer Paperport that was great, but it died.

Getting rid of paper is a definite goal, but is it really worth the $$? Having all Continue reading Managing The Paper Clutter