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Yamaha’s Pricing…..WTF?

So, the other day I got the latest woodwind and brasswind catalogue the other day. Other than the prices on everything going through the roof, Yamaha seems to have some strange pricing happening. A YAS-475 (intermediate alto) and a YAS-23 (student alto) are separated by about $110. The same holds true for the YTS-23 (student tenor) and a YTS-475 (intermediate tenor).

The question is why? What is the point in having them so close in price? I’ve played on these instruments too, and they both play the same……and it’s not anything to write home about.

Reed Prices…….WTF?!?

So, I finally depleted my supply of reeds. I generally buy a couple of boxes. Last time I bought some from The Woodwind and the Brasswind. Not this time. They have this really deceptive thing going on. Example, Rico Plasticovered reeds for Tenor. For 3.5 (3 1/2) size, it’s $16.49 a box. But I use 3 size, and selecting that, the price jumps to $23 a box. WTF? Clarinet reeds have a similar thing going on.

When last I ordered reeds, back in August, the Rico Plasticovered were $15.95 a box from WWBW.

This last order of reeds went to USAReeds. They had good prices, and reasonable shipping. Anyone have a good source for reeds?