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SPAM Problems/Registrations

Running is site is a pain sometimes. Basically, its SPAM. People/BOTS register and start flooding the site with links to crap. In an attempt to fight off the SPAM/BOTS, I installed a few WordPress plugins to deal with it. It seemed to drastically cut down on the amount of fake registrations and spam the jazz- sites where getting.

However, it seems that something has run amok. I can’t even seem to create a new user anymore using the standard registration form. So, I have disabled some of the plugins for right now. We will see how it goes. If I start seeing the activity logs flooded with “low cost pursues” and other crap, I might reenable the plugins or make it more difficult to register.

Mass User Purge

Sometime between the end of November and the first part of the year, Jazz-Sax was hit with tens of thousands of registrations of fake and spam users. Like marc162230205 and his brother marc247329716. The result was that pretty much the outgoing email (like registrations and passwords) was shut down due to being flooded with bounced emails that I didn’t know about (thanks google apps!). We went from a about 12,000 users to nearly 100K.

Anyhow, I’ve been using some tools to remove inactive and spam users. So, if you had registered here but haven’t ever posted a comment or submitted a story, you probably got deleted. Sorry.

You can easily enough register again, except it will ask a few questions and make you enter a CAPTCHA to help weed out the people from the bots.