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Playing in Cold and Hot Environments

Sometimes, you need a video to show the obvious. This is one such video. Perhaps another such video will show that you shouldn’t maybe run over the neck of your saxophone with a car and expect it to sound the same?

Another obvious video is this one, playing slow to play fast. On this one, why film it outside with car noise and stuff?

You gotta love this YouTube-ish era we are in……..where people put up videos and you have to ask………why?

The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach DVD

George Garzone has a 2 DVD instructional set coming out next month. $89.95. Sounds interesting.

“The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach”, is a Jazz Improvisation Instructional DVD and much, much more.

  • Performances: Solo, Duos, Trios, an Sextet performances
  • The Triadic Chromatic Approach: 23 Chapters & 30 Examples of In-Depth Lessons
  • Trading Play Alongs: George Plays / You Play w/ Rhythm Section
  • Pure Play Along: You Play w/ Rhythm Section
  • Garzone On Sound: In-depth Lesson of Saxophone Sound Production
  • PDF Supplements: Transposed for all instruments, examples, exercises and lead sheets
  • Bonus Features: Interviews, Alternate Takes, Extra