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Dancing with the “Stars” To Fire Orchestra

I received this from The American Federation of Musicians:

“The Federation has now confirmed that after 17 hit seasons with Dancing With The Stars, one of the world’s most popular TV programs, the DWTS Big Band has been fired. ABC/Disney says the group, comprised of 28 talented musicians, singers, arrangers and copyists, will be replaced by pre-existing sound recordings and a “small electronic band” to “attract a younger viewer demographic.

We are in contact with ABC/Disney executives in an attempt to stop these unjustifiable and unwarranted actions. You can join with us to push back against this latest attack upon the livelihood and integrity of professional musicians. Please email Candice.A.Ashton@abc.com. Please let her know that you will encourage viewers everywhere to boycott the show, ABC-TV, and The Walt Disney Company if she follows through on her plan to fire the band.

We will provide further information as the situation develops. If you are reading this bulletin on Facebook or social media, please share it with your friends immediately.”

The ONLY reason to watch Dancing with the Stars was to see Sal Lorenzo of the Big Phat Band. Now poor poor Sal might be unemployed now. I kid, sorta. Actually, the real problem is that Dancing with the “Stars” isn’t that. Let’s look at what “Stars” were on last season:

  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Bill Nye
  • Valerie Harper
  • Christian Milian
  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
  • Brant Daugherty
  • Leah Remini
  • Bill Engvall
  • Corbin Bleu
  • Amber Riley

Out of this list of “Stars” I know of Bill Nye (the science guy) and Snooki. And Snooki I only know of because she is worthless human garbage from New Jersey. So, ABC, I don’t think the problem is that these “Stars” you are getting aren’t “Stars”. Bring some fucking REAL “Stars” and maybe that would bring back your audience. Maybe pit Hue Jackman against Neil Patrick Harris? Cage match style? Last Man Dancing?

Why Harry Connick Jr. Couldn’t Sit Idle During ‘Idol’

via NextAvenue.org:

“Not one of the contestants took Connick’s “Then” advice when they got on stage. Substance was thrown out the window for pyrotechnic vocal tricks. Angie sang Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me,” an ode to vulnerability, in full-power voice. She hardly came off as “a little lamb who’s lost in the wood,” as the lyric says. More like a John Deere tree cutter. ”
“Connick squirmed in his front-row seat during the “Then” performances. I haven’t seen such facial contortions since Linda Blair got anointed with holy water in The Exorcist.”

It goes on. But basically, it sums up the whole “American Idol” and the other singing things (like The Voice). Fluff. Crap. I can name TWO people who have done well winning American Idol, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. That’s it. Hardly making an “Idol” out of the winners.

Sheet Of The Week (Bonus) – Ballad Of Gilligan’s Island

Sadly, Sherwood Schwartz, who created “Gilligan’s Island” and “The Brady Bunch,” died this past week. To honor him, here is the theme to Gilligan’s Island (which he co-wrote).

  Gilligan's Island Theme for Eb Instruments (64.2 KiB, 129 hits)
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  Gilligan's Island Theme for Bb Instruments (63.5 KiB, 74 hits)
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