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West Side Story Medley

Here is an arrangement/transcription I did a while back. I won’t take ALL the credit for this, as there is a version floating around the internet that this is based on. But that arrangement had problems, and I fixed it. This is based on the version that is on the “Best Of Buddy Rich” album. Buddy Rich never really played any of his songs the same every time, and some versions of this are faster or have some variations. I like the one on the Best of album the most, so I tried to pretty much fix up the version I found to match that. One of my favorite Buddy Rich big band songs.

  West Side Story Medley (2.0 MiB, 229 hits)
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UPDATEThere was a slight error in the piece. The beginning at A should have been 12 bars and the double bar was in the wrong place. A minor issue, but I deleted the old one and made a new version that should completely match up with the Buddy Rich album version (the only thing that was off was the beginning thing)

UPDATEUgh, so I fixed that, but then the double time moved. The double time has been moved a bar later than it was. Simple fix to a simple problem.