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Finally a Good Sampled Saxophone Instrument?

We have all suffered the pain of listening to synthed or sampled saxophones. Some of them have sounds that kill at 50 paces. Some of them try to convince you they are real like an inept Politician trying to get reelected. All generally fail to sound like the real thing.

Enter SampleModeling’s new Tenor Saxophone instrument:
“We are proud to present the result of our collaboration with Stefano Lucato. Stefano was the developer, along with Dr. Giorgio Tommasini, of the Stradivari Violin and the Gofriller Cello.

Stefano Lucato & Samplemodeling created the next groundbreaking virtual instrument: the Tenor Saxophone! It´s extremely expressive, enjoyable, and intuitively playable – simply a real sample-modelled instrument!”

Cost….probably $240. Probably the best sampled saxophone I’ve heard, but……..you know……..it still……well……you know.