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Seems that the registration emails were not getting sent. Thanks AT&T. They changed their server setting not to allow sending emails on one account with the address of another. So, Gmail to the rescue. Emails for registrations are coming from Look for that perhaps in your spam blocker or whatever.

Spare Room to Studio in 10 Minutes

The SOS Forums had this interesting thread about a bloke who can turn his guest room into a studio in about 10 minutes.

My studio set up consists of a control room/office which is unusual in that it has no parallel surfaces, even a sloping roof. This room is loosely triangular being a maximum of 4.8m long and 4.5m deep. There’s a short 1.2m corridor (which I call the portal) that leads into a guest bedroom which is 3m by 2.7m.
Sometime ago I renovated the guest room so that I can convert it into a studio in around 10 minutes and I thought this might be interesting/useful.
The guest bedroom has a permanently installed double bed in it, but I’ve put it on hinges! It’s really easy to hinge the bed onto the wall

Pictures and other info with the original post.

SmartMusic Price Increase

Yup, like gas and everything else, SmartMusic’s price is going up.

Starting July 24, 2008, the price of SmartMusic student subscriptions will increase from $25/year to $30/year.

It is still REALLY REALLY cheap considering all the songs you get. You still have to deal with it’s backwards and really lame interface though.


I have had the pleasure the last few week to work on mixing a big band that I play in. We recorded 20 something tracks at a concert, and I was able to obtain the Pro Tools session, and set off to salvage the recording session. We recorded twice, and supposedly the second session was better, so, they have been mixing that in the studio. However, the vocalist who performs with us did way better the first session. It was a good way to get your feet wet with Pro Tools, and the whole mixing thing. I’ve always wanted to do a big project like this.

After some cutting, balancing, EQing, etc, etc, I had a fairly good mix happening, but it really lacked something. That something was a good reverb. I was using D-Verb, Pro Tools reverb. Not really all the great. Ozone 3 has a great reverb that I have been using (LOVE Ozone 3) on stuff, but it didn’t seem to do the job. What they were using in the studio was Altiverb, an amazing convolution reverb program.

I’m not going to do an in depth review of it, but what I will say is that this program made everything sound better. The right space, and the right amount made all my mixes finally work and pass the test with various band members. It adds that quality to sound that……it is not easily put into works. It’s the gel, it’s the glue, it’s the stuff. The right reverb just makes it work, and Altiverb is that sort of reverb. True, it was a lot of money, but it makes everything sound better. Even midi mockups sound more realistic now.

Highly recommended. 9.5 out of 10. .5 deducted for the use of iLok, which I’m beginning to hate.

Two Interesting Things

The first interesting thing is a tutorial by Emusician magazine about Resonance and Radiation. Interesting information about how various woodwind and brass instruments sound radiates out. It is more geared toward recording but it is interesting none the less (and it’s from 1994, go figure!)

The second thing is, well, cool and/or disturbing. A Midi Bag Pipe. Yes, you heard right. You can now, for about $400, practice bag pipes virtually. The best part, you don’t have to blow into it, nor do other people need to hear it. Gotta love technology.

Microsoft Enters The….Music Accompaniment Making Department

I’m not quite sure what to think of this. Though it does/can use Band in A Box, the demo video rather disturbs me. Visions of Sanjayas popping up all over the place is something even the late Charlton Heston would have a tough time conquering.

This software, from Microsoft, has great little sliders for Happiness and Jazz. No EMO slider? No rock? What?

Here is another article about this Microsoft “research”.

No ProTools for another 1-2 Months……maybe?

I read this disappointing bit of news in the forums.

We hope to have the new release within between 1 and 2 months from now; some of that timetable is contingent on Apple.

It’s not the WHOLE thing they posted. Lots of hemming and hawing about why they still have not delivered ProTools on Mac OS X 10.5. Every other major audio program is running on it. Ableton, Reason, Logic and Digital Performer (The last two, well, are Mac only, so).

On my systems, ProTools M-Powered works well on my MacPro if you knock down the number of processors from 8 to 4. And the beta drivers for the Project Mix I/O work ok (a little funky at times in DP5 and Logic, fine in ProTools). On my iMac… is very, very unstable. Sometimes ProTools and the Fast Track Ultra work great. Sometimes, not. It is a turkey shoot there. And there are lots of playback glitches. And recording glitches. Not good.