June 24, 2024

Yup, like gas and everything else, SmartMusic’s price is going up.

Starting July 24, 2008, the price of SmartMusic student subscriptions will increase from $25/year to $30/year.

It is still REALLY REALLY cheap considering all the songs you get. You still have to deal with it’s backwards and really lame interface though.

2 thoughts on “SmartMusic Price Increase

  1. Or, you could try StarPlay. With a much cleaner interface and the ability to switch to video only and back, I think you’ll have a much better time practicing.

    Sadly, this product only has maybe 1/20th the library that SmartMusic does. And, no mainstream music. The only method book is Accent on Achievement. No Standard Of Excellence, Rubank or Yamaha books, which SmartMusic has.

    The conductor thing looks cool, but until there is a good library of songs, and/or method books…….SmartMusic, with all it’s flaws, still wins in my book.

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