Clamping Site Down

Recently, this site has become unstable. It is due to a TON of spammers trying to login in as admin, or flooding user registrations with fake ids in the hopes to be able to post spam ads as comments or activity stream items. As a result, the MySQL database keeps crashing due to too many Apache2 processes.
So, I’m instituting a very draconian new security thing. IP Blocking. If you screw up the login too many times, or continue to try to log in as admin or some other account in which you don’t have the password, your IP address is going to be block. Forever. Period. Unless you send an email to me explaining that you are some sort of Noob, drunk off your ass and couldn’t remember your password, or something plausible in your defense.
Unless someone wants to donate or fund a beefier server, that is the way it is. Hopefully the site won’t crash and things will be faster. (for example, I installed the new security plugin and it’s already blocked one person from China. It’s been like 4 minutes since installing it…..amazing).
UPDATE: I also removed the BuddyPress and BBForums stuff. No one was really using either, and they were sucking resources away from the site. I’ve always wanted a lively discussion forum happening here, but that seems not to be. Oh well.
It’s also interesting that most of the flood of IP addresses is out of pretty much ONE area of China…..go figure….

Sheet Of The Week – Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

New group. Hope to hear a LOT more of them in the coming months and years.

  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for Eb Instruments (80.6 KiB, 133 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for Bb Instruments (81.8 KiB, 65 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

Sheet Of The Week – Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake)

Not really a Justin Timberlake fan, but I do like this song.

  Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake for Eb Instruments (121.0 KiB, 142 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

  Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake for Bb Instruments (119.2 KiB, 71 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

Why Harry Connick Jr. Couldn’t Sit Idle During ‘Idol’


“Not one of the contestants took Connick’s “Then” advice when they got on stage. Substance was thrown out the window for pyrotechnic vocal tricks. Angie sang Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me,” an ode to vulnerability, in full-power voice. She hardly came off as “a little lamb who’s lost in the wood,” as the lyric says. More like a John Deere tree cutter. ”
“Connick squirmed in his front-row seat during the “Then” performances. I haven’t seen such facial contortions since Linda Blair got anointed with holy water in The Exorcist.”

It goes on. But basically, it sums up the whole “American Idol” and the other singing things (like The Voice). Fluff. Crap. I can name TWO people who have done well winning American Idol, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. That’s it. Hardly making an “Idol” out of the winners.