Boycott Sony Music

If you haven’t heard, Sony is installing DRM on its CDs. This DRM has also been exploited.
In fact, there is even a lawsuit over it.

Now, it seems even Mac OS X gets some sort of DRM with a Sony CD.

It’s time to boycott Sony Music.

Update: 11/13 20:27 GMT by E :There is an interesting discussion about Sony’s End User License Agreement on Amazing how this company is protecting it’s profits.

2 thoughts on “Boycott Sony Music”

  1. Headline in today’s Tri-Valley Herald (ANG newspaper)
    “Sony stops making antipiracy CDs” it would seem that Sony got the message, although the article said Sony had promised to “temorarily” suspend making music CDs with antipracy technology that can leave computers vulnerable to hackers. That leaves the question as to what the next move from Sony might be?

  2. Well, Sony seems to be totally out of touch with consumers in regards to music. Minidisc, which I love, I left behind when they crippled the MiHD format. Sony refuses to participate in the iTunes music store. Sony hasn’t made any sort of splash in the MP3 player market.

    Sony is heading for more troubles if it continues down this path.

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