One thought on “Around The Horn Backgrounds”

  1. Thank you for another set of backgrounds for the great Walt Weiskopf jazz book! I highly recommend all Walt’s great playful CD’s…. just as important to check- out on Tenor: Jerry Bergonzi, Eric Alexander, Ernie Watts, Bob Sheppard, Bob Mintzer, my bud the late Bob Berg’s early work with Cedar Walton, and run and buy “Conversations with Michel” by Bob Malach … (great playing, and a very nice guy. Used to may still play summer tours with Steve Miller) The fans of the alto will dig CD’s of Jim Snidero, Bob Mover, Jesse Davis and the always interesting Kenny Garrett ( his “Black Hope” is a fav).
    This is not the place to post this but just one way to say thank you. I will elaborate somewhere else on a special new book — a must have for any one who plays a saxophone: “The Devil’s Horn”, “The Story of the saxophone from Noisy Novelty to King of Cool” by Michael Segal. A sax guru like Eric Dano will love it!

    Now I going to send 5 bucks with Palpal and donate my voluntary $5 dues to …. It’s our own club – afterall.

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