June 24, 2024

NOTE – An updated version of this Regimen is available here

One of the most downloaded things on Jazz-Sax.com is the Zinn Practice Regimen. It was inspired by Daniel Zinn, master saxophonist/woodwindist when he took over saxophone instruction at CSUH about 10 years ago.

I updated it a couple of years ago, and I’ve updated it again. Changed the font, clean it up and came up with some new ideas to maim, I mean break, I mean develop fingers and skills. This is probably the last revision of it, as I think it encompasses all that I want it to, and takes about 30 minutes to play through. Enjoy

  Zinn Practice Regimen III (592.7 KiB, 52,839 hits)
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17 thoughts on “Zinn Practice Regimen For Saxophone III

  1. Thank you very much, this is very helpful. It’s great that you took the time to make this, and I’m very grateful. It’s already helping me tremendously with my finger coordination.

    I was wondering: Do you by chance still have the computer file for this? If you do, it would be great if you could post it for download. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to practice this on a different instrument. But alas, the range is out of range. If you would be able to post the computer file for this, it would be possible to easily transpose this into a different key or clef.

  2. Been doing a form of these for years– never up to major 7 intervals though. In Maj 7 descending chromatic you left out 3rd octave e-f. Is it your philosophy to have students internalize or read (or both)? Thanks for continually posting great stuff

  3. Ooops, a mistake?!?! Yikes. Give me a page for that and I’ll fix it. There was actually another mistake in the Regimen as well……

    Ideally, it would be best to have everything memorized, but reading it is fine as well…..

  4. I was curious about what a sax should play as regimen or exercise every day and I was prompted for password — Then I registered and tried to use my newly acquired passwd but to no avail. I am sure the exercises are great.
    I am 60, play piano and violin, and in my spare time I am trying to get to play more dynamically and learn more flexibility within the limits of my physical possibilities and it is great to do so. The best “Regimen” so far is preludes and fugues (the easy ones) by Bach, but earlier I had lots of exercises for other styles and techniques as well. That is why I wanted to get some inspiration.
    But as said, I was unable to get to read the PDF file in question as it seems password protected.

  5. The PDF is password protected in regards to editing the content of it. You can print it, but you can edit it or anything.

    Bach etudes could be good, but the Zinn regimen is a finger-busting collection inspired by an insane sax player. It goes over the whole range of the horn, all keys. It’s basically scales.

  6. Hi, the practice regimen is great, I would like to know how do you make the pdf file, to make my own ones.
    I´m trying with the musicTex and is quite a hassle to find the right setings so the file looks in a nice way.
    So, wich program do you use?

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