June 13, 2024

Since it was released in April, SmartMusic 10 has not been updated. That changed last Tuesday, when the program informed me that updates were available. The proceeding 30 minutes of downloads yielded some new things, and some not so new things………

First, the new things……..

Additional play-alongs. 60 titles like they promised? Maybe. There is no list of new things, and Smartmusic.com has no information on the release. I see a lot of Concert Band things, and TWO new Jazz Band ones. And not all that great of Jazz Band songs either. Oh well.

That is it for the new stuff.

Not so new. Bugs. User Created files on the Mac version still do not show all the data, and you can not sort. You still can not adjust the green bar on any of the songs that use audio files (IE: the concert band or jazz band songs). Actually, all the bugs and complaints from before still exist.

I’m wondering what is going on with this program. They make big claims to provide “60 new titles a month”, disappear for over two months (May and June), and the last week of July update the program, sorta. I still use it and like it, mostly, but really think the company needs to get their act together to make this program better.

Update: 08/31 by E :Since I wrote this, SmartMusic has had 2 additional updates. None of them are program improvements. There have been additions to the library, but it is hard to figure out what they added. Their site STILL does not list what has been newly added. Nada. I really wonder about this company…..

Oh, and they added a Gordon Goodwin arrangement. However, it is a terrible, watered down version of the Jazz Police. We’re talking like dumbed down to the extreme.

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