Won Stuff From SOS and M-Audio

You know, you think you never will win these contests that you enter online. Well….NA NA NA NA! I seem to have won one.

I subscribe to the great SOS magazine which has all kinds of invaluable tips and insights on……tons of stuff like recording, using programs like Logic or Digital Performer or Protools, micing techniques, how to make your mixes sound better, etc. I decided to get a subscription last year when I came across their site while researching some audio products. I have saved many, MANY of the articles for future reference.

Anyhow, they have these contests you can enter. And I try to enter them, but you know you never expect to win. Ha! Woohoo. Not quite sure exactly what I’ve won yet, but I’ll keep you all posted…….(I think it is like $4K worth of stuff, like an M-Audio keyboard, monitors, etc…..maybe a Project Mix I/O? I hope???)

*Dances* Funny thing is that I was getting ready to purchase a new Firewire interface…..but now……not sure I’m going to need to 😉

UPDATE: 10/26/07 by E: Ok, I got some more info from SOS‘s Chris Mayes-Wright. This is the list. The sweet list.

He ended his email with a “Pretty neat, eh?!”. No, freaking awesome. But also a little bit of a problem, the computer at home (where most all if not all that stuff is going) is not really powerful enough to handle all this (it’s a Quicksilver 2002 933Mhz G4 that has been upgraded to a Dual G4 1.8). I was planning on getting either an iMac or a MacPro for home next year, after I got another Firewire interface for home. I guess we’ve accelerated the process a little. I suppose I need to redo my home studio this weekend and think about a new Mac. WooT!

UPDATE 11/2/07 by E: Got most all the stuff today. Updated the list. Everything except the speakers arrived. Not sure what happened to them. Will post reviews and pictures soon.

UPDATE 11/6/07 by E: Speakers backordered. :-/

UPDATE 11/30/07 by E: Speakers arrived. Whoa….they are HUGE. Now to get the cables to set them up….

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