July 24, 2024

I have been setting up all this new gear, and I finally got a chance to play with the Project Mix I/O a little. All I have to say is, whoa. Fun, cool, Rad (can we still use that word?). I mean, motorized faders……so much fun. I haven’t used it in Protools yet, but in Digital Performer it is great. I have my analogue modules coming in on channels 7 & 8, and the GPO stuff on 5 & 6. Though, coming from the PC, 5 & 6 are noisy. I’m thinking about moving that to a SPDIF input…..more soon.

UPDATE 11/09/07 by E: Ok, I really love the Project Mix I/O. It is soo fun to use. One thing that really sucks though is that I can’t get projects I recorded in Digital Performer to transfer over to Protools 7.4. Seems the M-Powered version will not open OMF exports? I don’t get that at all. Dumb. So, now I’m trying to figure out a way to do it…..ideas?

UPDATE 11/14/07 by E: Given up trying to tackle Protools right now. I don’t get why they won’t allow you to import OMF files into it. Only in the “real” version. Logic and Digital Performer can easily read each others OMF files. One possible work around is to import the audio files one by one into Protools. That would require making sure they all start at the same spot. Most of the recordings I have fall into this category, so, that might be an option. I might maybe try that when I get some down time.

Also, I hooked up a S/PDIF connection between the Project Mix and an M-Audio 4096 card on my PC. Works great when it works. Sometimes, the Project Mix seems to not see the S/PDIF connection. Some turning it on, then off, and messing around with the Firewire Audio panel on the Mac seems to get it to work. I’m not using certified S/PDIF cables, so, that might be some of the problem. I’m using a good high end RCA audio cable.

In the future, I’ll probably have my older MOTU 828 hooked up to the PC, and have everything optically inputted into the Project Mix. I could then separate each instrument out on it’s own channel when recording.

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