May 19, 2024

erickloss-consciousness2I picked up an LP of Eric Kloss “Consciousness”. Wow. However, he seems to have disappeared. This is what I could dig up about him via Google

“One of the true child prodigies of the ‘60s, saxophonist Eric Kloss holds the distinction of having a record contract with Prestige Records at the ripe young age of 15. Blind, smart as a whip, and technically proficient at even this early stage in his career, Kloss went on to make some remarkable albums up through the early ‘70s and then disappeared into academia.

Like a lot of other jazz cerca 1969-70, there’s a definite rock influence both in the rhythms and in Corea’s use of the electric piano (he also plays acoustic). Consciousness! (tracks 6-10) was recorded in January 1970, and sounds a lot more like the intense Fillmore recordings. Pat Martino, who joins the band on guitar, is an explosive presence.

This is highly recommended to any fan of Corea, Holland, or DeJohnette as well as to anyone who likes the sound of late 60s post-bop jazz. And besides, you will never hear a funkier version of “Sunshine Superman” in your life.”

And Allmusic has a little more. But…….what happened to him? Is this another case of a John Klemmer type who was totally amazing then disappears off the planet?

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