June 13, 2024

I could NOT believe my eyes this morning. Band in a Box 2009 is FINALLY out for Macintosh. After being behind 7 versions (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2007.5, 2008, 2009), PG Music has LEAP FROGGED the Mac version to the latest Windows version.

Amazing. And to get it all up to date on a Mac is $159?!?! Say what? No…….really? I get ALL the features of the PC version? Even the “Direct-to-Disk” Audio Rendering? YES, you do Virginia.

So…….one of the most valuable teaching/learning Jazz/music software programs is now fully available on the Mac. GET IT NOW!

UPDATE: The download version is HUGE. Like, not quite as bad as downloading ProTools 8, but close. On first glance, it seems there are still things missing in the Mac version. There is no ear trainer (which is a cool feature), No Piano Roll window (edit: oops, it is in there, just not out in the open), practice window and the Soundtrack thing. These seem to be missing. Maybe in a maintenance version?

UPDATE: Ok, it is WAY BIGGER THAN PROTOOLS 8 WAS. Seriously, I have downloaded 10 gigs so far, and I’m on RealTracks 11-12, which is 3.2 Gigs (downloading). I still have 10 more parts to download……probably another 20 gigs?? Yikes!!!

4 thoughts on “HELL HAS FROZEN OVER – Band In A Box 2009 for MAC?!?!

  1. It would be cool if you would compile a list of features it doesn’t share with its’ Windoze counterpart

    It would be nice if it included the T.C. Helicon Audio Harmonizer!

  2. Running 2009.5 on OS 10.6 – have been encountering some crashes – seems to occur when a midi file is updated to include real tracks – program says file was updated then crashes (unexpected program quit message).

    The concert key adjust does not work with real files, have not explored completely so not sure what does not work. Older midi files seem to be OK.

    Sent message to PG, but no response yet.

    Downloading all the files is a test of one’s nerves.

    1. PG Music was offering to ship the whole thing on an external laptop drive for like $10 more. A great deal.

      Obviously concert key adjust is not going to work for real files. It is in the Midi area, and since Midi != Realfiles.

      Any style that uses just midi should work fine though…..but that kind of defeats the purpose of having 40 gigs of realtracks.

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