May 19, 2024

Oh come on, a stand created by K&M? It’s a Bass Clarinet/Bassoon Stand guy. Been around forever. And they include a BACKPACK!?!? Wow, I’m sold.

Seriously though, why? You need to take the “backpack”, the stand, a real laptop, and then the actual Eigenharp to a gig. Oh, plus an amp. So……why didn’t they include a cart? Or a small truck for it?

Well, the guy seems happy…..I guess that is all that matters. When they come out with one that doesn’t need all that crap with it, and costs about 1/2 as much, call me.

4 thoughts on “Dood Blows $5760 on an Eigenharp

  1. You sound kinda bitter, TBH. Lots of us drag stands and laptops to gigs with our EWI/WX5/WX7/whatever, the only real difference here is that this guy has the cash to pick up the Eigenharp.

    Way too much money for me too, but people pay 5-10 times this amount for stringed instruments like violins, violas, cellos, etc.

    1. No, not bitter. It just seems like of stupid for a midi controller.

      At least if you shell out $10k for a violin or bassoon it will keep it’s value. This? Probably the next version, if they make a next version, will be smaller, have more features (maybe it’s own sound generation?) and cheaper like any piece of electronics…..

      It’s interesting, sorta a strange breeding or a bassoon, guitar and piano…..

    1. Indeed. It seems that they took out the strings, kept the fret layout, and added touch squares that respond to pressure and stuff.

      But I think the real Achilles Heel is the requirement of having a laptop. It would have been a LOT smarter to perhaps have an embedded sound generation ability and maybe wireless connection to a laptop if needed/wanted. The Eigenharp NEEDS to be connected to a Mac to run it’s sound generation, which just appears to be Soundfonts. They could have perhaps used a Linux based system which could generate sounds without the need of a dedicated laptop. I mean, there are itty bitty processors that run Linux and could most likely handle this. And there is PLENTY of room in the stick…or at least in the brainbox that you need for it.

      Plus, looking at the Eigenharp on the stand, it looks like it will kill the cables.

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