June 19, 2024

This has been on my list of things to do to Jazz-Sax, and now I have. We have gone BuddyPress now. This hopefully will enable more things to happen here, like Forum discussions, and perhaps some sort of group calendar for people’s upcoming gigs, etc, etc. Lots of possibilities. If anyone has any good recommendations on a theme for BuddyPress that would be cool. Or some good plugins for it.

Activity: http://www.jazz-sax.com/activity/
Members: http://www.jazz-sax.com/members/
Groups: http://www.jazz-sax.com/groups/
Forums: http://www.jazz-sax.com/forums/
Register: http://www.jazz-sax.com/register/ (This one doesn’t seem to work at the moment)

UPDATE: Ok, seems my Apache server was configured incorrectly. Things seem to work now.

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