June 13, 2024

This has been happening in the SF Bay area for a while, and it seems to be happening in the UK now as well.

“A paddle steamer moves slowly down river, over-run with a gaily dressed throng of party animals in cloche hats, homburgs, spats, waistcoats, ball masks, and feather boas. Moustaches – some waxed – flourish. The bar sells out of champagne within an hour of leaving dock and the dance floor fills with dandy couples throwing each other about. This is not a scene from F Scott Fitzgerald, but Halloween 2010 on Steamboat Bordello, a floating event on the Thames, and the speakers are pumping out a striking new music that looks set to be the sound of this season’s parties: a revamped version of Jazz Age flavours that mixes Dixieland brass with electronic percussion.”

Check out the video as well. Good stuff. I like this….

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