July 12, 2024

I received my iKlip today. So, now, I can live the good life and read music on my iPad anywhere? Well, not quite.

If you read the first part of the iKlip page, it says: “IK Multimedia introduces iKlip™ — a multi-angle lightweight iPad microphone stand adapter. Now you can take your favorite iPad™ music apps on stage for live performance.”

But the next paragraph says: “The new iKlip for iPad makes it easy for you to use your iPad in any live setting — on stage, in the studio, at school or in the boardroom. With its multi-angle adjustable design, you can now securely position your iPad for optimal viewing and accessibility, while all controls, buttons and connection ports remain free from obstruction.”

So, are schooling supposed to have a microphone stand for each kid? The iKlip DOES NOT FIT ON A MANHASSET stand. Ok, technically, if you were standing, had it extended a ways and were over 5′ tall it fits, but certainly NOT if you are sitting. The connecting thing does NOT FIT AROUND a Manhasset stand. Period. HUGE design flaw. Seriously. Even my simple Pop Filter has an adjustable mount that can handle various stand sizes.

SECOND major problem is that if you want to rotate it from page to landscape, you need to loosen a screw, turn it, and then put it back. Seriously? They couldn’t come up with something else? I mean, it’s made in Italy, did they totally not see the problem? It’s like having a Ferrari with like little Yugo tires on it. You have this beautiful stand. And it is very nice, except there is this screw……ugh!

A MINOR grip would be that you have to take your iPad out of its case to use it. Not a BIG deal compared to the two other problems, but if the two other problems didn’t exist I would probably say that would be the ONLY minor complaint I have about it.

IK Multimedia had a chance to hit it out of the park. The two design flaws are huge in my opinion. The totally missing that it can’t attach to a music stand? Stupid. And the screw adjustment? Stupid. I see about maybe 20 times someone being able to get the screw attachment in, but heaven help you if you screw the screw in at an angle.

I give this a 5 out of 10. For $40 its alright. Don’t plan on using it with a music stand, especially Manhasset ones. And don’t plan on switch it between landscape and portrait a lot. If you can live with these limitations, it might work for you.

Pictures I took, including me showing it will not fit around the base of my microphone stand, but will on the upper part, of the infamous screw, of me showing it not fitting on a Manhasset stand, and of my $10 mic pop filter stand attachment that IK Multimedia SHOULD HAVE designed/used.

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