July 12, 2024

Have a computer? Have something like Garageband or a Synth sound you really like? Have a microphone? Then you might want to check this out.

Thing-1TM – MIDI Performance System
Thing-1 is a software MIDI wind controller for woodwind players offering a new range of musical expression to anyone who can play the saxophone, flute, clarinet, or recorder.”

Basically, it is a real time Pitch (monophonic) to Midi program. Yes, there are other ones out there like Pyrolators Max for the Max/Msp sytem, or WIDI Audio to Midi AU, or even Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter Pro that do similar things as this program. There are probably other things as well. This is not an area that I know much of, but it is interesting stuff. I’ll have to look into stuff like this. Looks fun.

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