Sheets Of The Week Suspended

Ok, you guys can thank leftyviv (Leftyviv“> for this. Basically, he wanted to know the secrets of improv so he could be awesome on his/her audition… less than a week. I replied that I didn’t know how he/she played, but to listen and have space. And they replied that they were disappointed because I had nothing more on the subject. I replied that there was no way to actually triage one’s ability to improvise in less than a week….and that there were plenty of things on the net that they could use. They replied something to the effect that I wasn’t being nice, etc, etc, etc.

Listen, dood….stuff is out on jazz-sax for free. Arrangements that people have done and posted on YouTube. Heck, I see these things circulated on Bittorrent and Usenet. That’s not being nice? Free isn’t nice?

Second, dood…..I don’t take song requests. And I posted as much. That’s not being mean. Or rude. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. If one of my students asked for it, and I feel it’s good enough to post, I might post whatever. I have like 1000 pop sheets I’ve written out. Including “Moves Like Jagger”. Go find that somewhere for saxophone somewhere else. But I’m not going to take a request from who can’t form a proper sentence.

Third, dood….WTF do you want me to do? Write you a solo? Teach you the blues scale? Show you some licks. There are plenty of places out there for that, including here. So you suck at Billie’s Bounce. Go practice. Look at Charlie Parker’s solo(s). Or Cannonball. Or whomever. A major part of soloing is knowing the language. You have to listen and practice it. I totally HATE when some whinny kid wants this that and the other thing. Now. For free. From the internet. Buddy, it don’t work that way. If you want to go cry about stuff, go to like SaxontheWeb or something. There are a lot of posts/users like you there. A few real cool guys like Tim Price, Steve Neff, and Pete Thomas frequent there. I’m sure they will steer you towards some free or paid stuff that they have done. Steve Neff has some cool Blues Licks you can buy for $10.

So, guys, you can thank Leftyviv for no sheets this week. Or maybe the next couple of weeks. I did get “Rumor Has It” by Adele done, and was scheduled for posting today. But…nope. And I think I was going to put up “Rhythm Of Love” by the Plain White T’s or maybe a Mumford and Sons song. But…..nope.

8 thoughts on “Sheets Of The Week Suspended”

  1. mine as well…I check back here every other day for a new song. I’m a music student and the songs you’ve put up inspired me to become much more interested in playing my tenor, so thank you.

  2. When I said thank you, I meant in a friendly thanks-for-putting-up-all-this-awesome-music thanks. I just reread that and it sounded kinda sarcastic; its not supposed to be, my apologies. I really appreciate you putting up all this music

    1. Oh his account is banned, but it’s rather easy to get a new ema address and re-register. I’m looking to block his IP address.

      I think that the major issue I have is just this entitlement attitude some people have out on the Internet. I mean, WTF.

  3. i would like to say thanks to the person who makes this site for all the stuff you do to keep it up. i love getting saxophone music for good songs for free, and even when there’s a song i want, it’s always fun to be surprised with what song gets done next. so to whoever is on this site to hate and be stupid: go away. this is the only site like this on the web, so enjoy it or shut your mouth.

  4. I know its kinda late for this, but I just joined this site, and it is AMAZING! So, I want to thank the person who does all of these songs, and say that I am in agreement with everything that has been said before me.

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