July 15, 2024


Ewi4000s angle med

Once Upon A Time…..there was a great site called EWI-EVI.com. There was a wealth of information on wind controllers and stuff. That site now seems dead. In fact, there seems little movement right now in the whole EWI sphere. Akai seems to have stopped with the software updates (not that it needs it) but things like the Vyzex Editor seem to work OK on the latest version of OS X, but the software itself has not had an update in 5 years…….yikes!

There is a project called ewitool which looks very nice, but it only works on Windows and Linux…….no Mac. It seems to be a better editor than Vyzex is/was……and at least it is getting updated more frequently.

Some other sites that are EWI related or focused:

Saxophonist John Isley has a site called ewilogic.com which is an excellent source of using Logic and an Akai EWI together. Some amazing environments (think Michael Brecker’s Logic setup), tutorials and more. HIGHLY recommend you check it out. 

The other site to check out is EWI Reason Sounds which Chris Vollstadt has put together. Simply put…..it is amazing. If you play EWI (USB or the 4000S) you will want to buy Reason to use with it. He has tons of patches he has made, tutorials, tips, tricks……basically everything. Hands down, it is probably the best EWI related site I have seen.

Sadly though, that is about it. If anyone knows of some other resources for EWIs please feel free to post about it.

UPDATE: Oh, seems I missed a couple. Thanks to Bret for the heads up. Check out his Windcontroller links for some additional ones.

2 thoughts on “Where Are The EWI Sites?

    1. True, you have some stuff…..but I was talking more like “dedicated” or “mainly focused” sites that deal with EWI or EVI. In the process of clearing out my bookmarks, it seems the Ewi-evi site is down or dead or something. That was a great resource for stuff. But there is nothing really filling the void other than the two I listed. Bernie Kenerson has some stuff I suppose as well….except that it’s more geared towards him and sales of his banks and CDs.

      I guess I should register the domain ewievi.com or ewiplayer.com……windcontroller.com is taken by Patchman music…..and Ewi-evi.com in limbo :-/

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