What Do I Want For Xmas?

So, I did a list of thing that you might consider getting for Xmas. But what is on MY list? Well, here it is.

First thing is that I always need money. Who doesn’t? Running this site is not free, and the little money made with Google Ads does help with the phone bill, but not a lot. Money is always good.

Second, I really could use more Hard Drives and an SSD. Hard drives for storing various projects and for backups. SSD for maybe doing an Apple Fusion drive Hack on my MacPro to get it performing better.

Third, a better Tenor case. I have a SBK case that my tenor came in over 15 years ago. I would love to get something better for it.

Fourth, a Fujitisu ScanSnap 1500M. I still have mountains of things to convert into digital, and having a device that does BOTH sides of the paper at the same time…….that would be a HUGE savings of time. My Evernote account would love that 😉

Fifth, Books. I still don’t have Greg Fishman’s Jazz Phrasing Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. Nor do I have the Duets Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 or the new Hip Licks Vol. 2. I like his books. Also there are some other miscellaneous books on my Amazon Wishlist (mostly oboe). There are a couple of other books on my radar, like Ben Britton’s new book.

Sixth, Reeds. Always in need of a box of 3 Rico Jazz Select Filed for Alto, Soprano and Rico Plasticover 3s for Tenor.

Seventh, More memory for my computers

Eighth, iPad 4. I have an original iPad. It still works, but there are a number of programs that don’t run on it (cause it doesn’t run iOS 6).

Ninth? Bari Sax with a low A? Sopranino? English Horn?

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