July 12, 2024

I don’t play Baritone sax. Don’t own one. That being said, I have, in the past, had to play baritone sax. It’s heavy. I always liked how some of the high end Yanagisawa baritones have a little foot attached to them to take some of the weight off them when you play them seated. One of the things I thought I’d do if I ever owned/played a baritone was come up with some sort of attachment to mimic this.

Seems I got beaten to it. The Sax Raxx Sax Stick looks pretty good. My only concern is that the bottom part doesn’t look like it is really secured to the bottom of the sax? If it was like strapped around the sax at the bottom I think it would be perfect. I don’t know about standing up with it though…..

UPDATE: They removed the video, but the site has it. Sorta. It’s all crunched up. Saxrax.com

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