June 24, 2024

Like 90% of the world, I’ve had to spend a LOT more time on the computer than I want. Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time doing stuff on the computer, but it’s become quite a bit more.

The browser of choice is Chrome. There are plenty of extensions what make the browser more versatile and just better. Chris Betcher has two posts on his favorite extensions. I generally agree. Some good picks in there.

I would add the extension Print Friendly & PDF for making PDFs of webpages. Honey for saving money while shopping Online. And 1Password which is a paid service, but it is so worth it. Have ONE password to rule them all, and it manages all the others. And tells you when you reuse a password. And when a password on a site might be compromised.

Anyone have any extensions they use a lot?

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