May 19, 2024

The Woodwind & Brasswind posted a video of Ben Wendel showing his pedal board.

One of my “quarantine” projects has been figuring out a good performance pedal board for if/when it is safe to go out and perform again. Let’s dive a little deeper and figure out what exactly his setup is.

First off, it is a mess. Seriously Ben, you shoot this video in a room that is clean, and looks great. But the cables for your pedals? Maddening……a disaster Ben. FEMA has been notified. 1/2 a Beard if it was on Riffs, Beards and Gear. You need a board, and clean cables. How can you show up with that mess? Yikes.

Ok, so, the actual gear. Ben pretty much spells out what he has except for two KEY items. The microphones. Which is sort of important. The best I can tell he is using a AEA N8 Ribbon Microphone as his “dry” saxophone mic. Which is awesome. But… needs phantom power. So where is the phantom power for the mic? I don’t see it on the board. The “effects mic” seems to be a Sennheiser e908b microphone, another mic that needs phantom power.

Also, is there an iPad or something on the stand?

Here is the list of equipment I see:
AEA N8 Ribbon Microphone – $1099.00
Sennheiser e908b – $279.95
Mooer Volume Pedal – $85.00
Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay – $148.00
Mosky Mini Obsessive Overdrive – $33.99
Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork – $174.40
TC Electronics Ditto – $109.99
Boss RC-30 – $299.99
MXR Mini ISO-Brick – $99.99

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