April 20, 2024

This is a fascinating video on how they made the new Leland notation font and Edwin text font for Musescore 3.6. Hopefully there is going to be forthcoming support for Finale to use these.

As an original buyer of the “Jazz Font” before it was bought MakeMusic and bundled with Finale, I have tried several music fonts over the years. There is a thicker version of the jazz font called “Swing Font” made by the creator of the jazz font, Adobe used to make a font called Sonata font (for my PRE-Finale time when I used Encore on a music SE/30), there was Ash Font, man…….I probably still have the floppy discs for most if not all of these.

For the last 12+ years, I adopted using Finale’s Maestro font in conjunction with the late Bill Duncan’s Jazz Articulations font. Why? I kinda think the “Jazzfont” is over used, and just looks bad. It is the comic sans of music.

Anyhow, it this video is a great history lesson of how Score (I never used it) shaped and still shapes the notation industry, and how much care and thought goes in to creating a really nice font.

FYI, Musescore looks great. If you are getting sick of Sibelius and it’s yearly fees, Musescore really has been getting better every version.

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