June 13, 2024

Over a year ago, Twitter sorta…….shitted itself. Elon Musk F’d it up big time. It is now paid, and basically a bastion of hate and misogyny and all other sorts of bad behavior.

So, I started a Mastodon site, Musician.Social……and it was thriving really well……until the Hosting startup failed. Big time failed. As in they didn’t have backups (like they said they would), etc,etc. So basically went from a 3k user base down to just me.

However, I resurrected it pretty much the same day, and it is hosted on a proven host, Masto.host, and has been running for about 5 months on it. It has been solid.

If you are looking to move away from Twitter, check it out. Mastodon has a lot of great Twitter like clients, there are NO ADS at all on the platform, and tons of interesting music related topics and other things.

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