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Kore Player

Native Instruments has released a FREE sound player. The Kore Player looks really cool. And the price is right (free), plus you can add in sound packs for a fairly reasonable price.

However….I downloaded, twice now, the Player for Mac OS X. It installs just fine, but it cannot find any of the sounds it installs. In fact, running it as a plug-in in Digital Performer or Logic Studio, it loads just fine. Doesn’t have any sounds available. And running it as a stand-alone player results in more of the same. It LOOKS like a great product…..but it doesn’t seem to work. I emailed Native Instruments almost a week ago, and have not heard anything back……they don’t support it unless you have one of the sound packs. Heck, I’m a registered user of 3 Native Instrument products…….at least they should have replied back as I was interested in perhaps adding the Kore Player to my Mac.