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A Double Sax Stand……for $5?

So, the Woodwind and the Brasswind had this insane thing on their website. $4.99 for a double stand (Alto/tenor). So, I bought one. And it came today. And it is GREAT!

The Ultimate Support double stand was a freaking steal. It is basically a knockoff of the Hamilton Double Saxophone stand. They look identical.

Anyhow, it seems they are out of them now, but it was a great deal. I’d watch their site to see if they offer another deal like that soon.

Bill Trimble Dies

I’m really late in finding out about this, but Bay Area saxophonist William Trimble died on February 22nd after having a heart attack the day before. Bill was the saxophone teacher for the first 3 years of my schooling at Cal State Hayward. Thought I never really got along with him he did enlighten me on a lot of classical saxophone literature and techniques.

I have mixed feelings about him. On one hand, he was an amazing saxophonist in his genre. On the other hand, he treated CSUH saxophone students as second rate, generally missing half of the lessons we were supposed to get each quarter and not making them up. That eventually lead a bulk of the students to take our grieves to the department chair and us getting a saxophone teacher who would actually show up when we had lessons scheduled (Dann Zinn). Or show up for our recitals. Not that I hold a grudge, in fact, it was a good thing, as it lead me to talk more clarinet lessons and flute lessons. So, it all worked out. And it worked out for him too. He liked San Jose State better (closer to Aptos).

Regardless, he was taken too early. My best wishes to him and his family.

What To Use To Remove Neck Buildup

Ok, this is nasty. My tenor and alto have like mineral deposits in them now. We aren’t talking GOLD or anything, but like…….yuck stuff. What really works in getting rid of this stuff? I’m thinking maybe white vinegar (they use this for removing buildup in irons).

This video however, by the Village “Expert” says just to use the brush thing. I dunno….

Walrus Plays The Saxophone

From the UK (those crazy Brits)
The Beatles once penned the song “I am the Walrus” but now this whiskered marine mammal has proved that the animal kingdom can blow its own trumpet.
Under the direction of her trainer, Sara the Walrus grips the brass instrument between her flippers and blasts out a note.
Wetsuit-clad Russian trainer Sergiy has also taught her to strike a nonchalant pose, leaning on a work top with one flipper under her chin and looking bored.
Sara’s skills at mimicking humans extend to dressing up as a railway platform conductor and blowing a whistle.

Man, it really sounds like Ornette Coleman or something doesn’t it?