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Music Education and Brain Development 101

But what transpires inside the brain (and which areas are affected) during music education? How does this early stimulation & nurturing translate into better scholastic performance? These relatively simple questions continue to be the focus of intense research efforts by developmental neurobiologists.

So let’s start our first column with the 30,000 foot and cellular perspectives. Research strongly suggests that music education causes the simultaneous and continuous stimulation of many brain regions. New connections (“wiring”) between brain cells are formed. Through ongoing music education, the wiring also benefits students in other academic domains.

Which areas of the brain are “recruited” during music education? The short answer is all major regions. Let’s review how the brain is organized and how each region is engaged during music education.

Also check out the Music Empowers Foundation

Mike Rowe On Education and Jobs

This is a great video. It applies to all things, including music. Budgets in states are cutting all kinds of things, like woodshop, auto shop, and MUSIC. These programs are deemed not necessary. Ha! They are totally necessary to provide real skills for students. Who really cares if you can do a Trig problem…..can you take apart a car piece and put it back? Can you change the oil? Can you see patterns in music and notice when a theme happens and when it comes back? Can you hear that you are in tune? Can you keep a beat?

I’m really sad for the kids going through the educational system now. All the money they keep throwing at it and the results (in California) aren’t happening.