Sheet Of The Week – Waking Up In Vegas (Katy Perry)

Seems like this is a lesser known Katy Perry video…..but it is still good.

  Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry for Eb Instruments (72.3 KiB, 53 hits)
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  Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry for Bb Instruments (75.1 KiB, 41 hits)
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Les Misérables 2012

I think most people have heard of Les Misérables (or Les Mis as a lot of people call it). It has epic music. In fact, I HATED musicals until I heard Les Mis on PBS on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It happened to be the 10th Anniversary all star performance. Amazing show, if you have not seen it or heard it. You should.

Now, there seems to be a movie coming out Christmas Day. Now, I haven’t seen the movie obviously, but the soundtrack is out. And it is HORRIBLE. Utterly HORRIBLE. Russell Crowe’s singing is terrible. In fact, I’d say a pig being castrated could carry a tune better than him. Anne Hathaway……I know you are pretty, but it does NOT entitle you to butcher songs left and right. Fucking Sacha Baron Cohen…….this guy’s success in Hollywood is beyond me. He’s performance is shitty….and that is being nice. Hugh Jackman is ok… a good community theater OK.

Now, as a movie, it seems to be getting awards left and right even though it is not out yet (how does that work?). But it’s essence is the music. That is what makes Les Misérables the great show it is. Imagine Phantom of the Opera with…..wait, they already did that. Ugh….maybe the visuals will distract me from the amateur singing on display….

Applescript To Convert Files To 96Khz/24bit Files

My audio interface I use in the studio is capable of recording at 96khz. Now does recording in that higher rate make things sound good? Yes, it does. But one of the things that is a pain in the ass is converting things to get ready to record in Logic at 96Khz. I have a Logic template set up that defaults to being at 96khz, but if I drag say a Band in a Box generated background over, or want to use something I did that is in my iTunes, Logic will switch it to a lower rate. Ugh. So, I came up with this Applescript that I hacked together from various sites on the web, such as this one. It’s drag and drop, and will work with multiple files. Enjoy

property destlocation : missing value
property my_Folder : missing value
property s_a_folder : missing value
property command_start : "afconvert -f \"WAVEf\"" & space
property command_text_spec : space & "-d \"I24@96000\"" & space
property command_rate_spec : ""
property theitemname : missing value
property rootloc : missing value
property the_file : missing value
property the_data : missing value

on open these_items
my convert_audio(these_items)
end open
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What Do I Want For Xmas?

So, I did a list of thing that you might consider getting for Xmas. But what is on MY list? Well, here it is.

First thing is that I always need money. Who doesn’t? Running this site is not free, and the little money made with Google Ads does help with the phone bill, but not a lot. Money is always good.

Second, I really could use more Hard Drives and an SSD. Hard drives for storing various projects and for backups. SSD for maybe doing an Apple Fusion drive Hack on my MacPro to get it performing better.

Third, a better Tenor case. I have a SBK case that my tenor came in over 15 years ago. I would love to get something better for it.

Fourth, a Fujitisu ScanSnap 1500M. I still have mountains of things to convert into digital, and having a device that does BOTH sides of the paper at the same time…….that would be a HUGE savings of time. My Evernote account would love that 😉

Fifth, Books. I still don’t have Greg Fishman’s Jazz Phrasing Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. Nor do I have the Duets Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 or the new Hip Licks Vol. 2. I like his books. Also there are some other miscellaneous books on my Amazon Wishlist (mostly oboe). There are a couple of other books on my radar, like Ben Britton’s new book.

Sixth, Reeds. Always in need of a box of 3 Rico Jazz Select Filed for Alto, Soprano and Rico Plasticover 3s for Tenor.

Seventh, More memory for my computers

Eighth, iPad 4. I have an original iPad. It still works, but there are a number of programs that don’t run on it (cause it doesn’t run iOS 6).

Ninth? Bari Sax with a low A? Sopranino? English Horn?

2012 Christmas Buyers Guide

I don’t think I did one last year, but this year I think I am. So… have a saxophonist that you want to get a little holiday gift for huh? Well, here are some ideas.

Band-in-a-Box – Though they have different versions of this program, you need the version with the Real Tracks. Period. This is an essential practice tool. Always at the top of my list.

iPad – Yes, there are other knock off tables. But with the huge, rich, totally awesome App eco-system Apple has, why mess around? ForScore is my App of choice for storing and reading PDFs, with GoodReader a close second. Plus, add programs like Garageband on……there is so much you can do with this device.

iPod Touch – This little device is awesome. You can record stuff on the fly. Or perhaps take a picture of some chord changes you need to work on? Or maybe listen to some tunes? The iPod Touch is great. Use it as a tuner, a metronome, a camera……so many uses. I find I use mine (well, the iPhone version of it) for tuning, or snapping a shot of a chart I need to shed, or doing a spot recording

Just Joe Strap – There was some make believe controversy about this strap, but it is still hands down the best neck strap I have ever played. Comfortable. Well worth investing in.

Ultimate Support JS-DS100 Jamstands Double Sax Stand – Everyone needs a stand, and the Woodwind & Brasswind has these for $4.99 with FREE Shipping. How insane is that. I have another one of these on order just because it was so cheap!

Dayton Audio Sub-800 Subwoofer ($79) – Add some bottom to your sound. This is a great little subwoofer.

Logic 9 or Reaper – Reaper is a great, almost free program that does a LOT. Logic is a battle tested Pro Audio program that many musicians have done whole albums with. Logic also comes bundled with a TON of Loops and plugins. Either will get you making music.

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light($40) – The best stand light. Hands down. Includes some batteries, a case, and an AC Adapter.

Pelican Cases – I am not happy with my current case, a SBK tenor case. For Alto, I use a Selmer Tripack case. Not really happy with that either. When I came across Battle Cases, I know what I want for my next case. At least for Alto. After seeing Battle Cases, I think a 1650 case modded to hold a curved soprano, alto, clarinet, flute, piccolo and oboe would be awesome. Sadly, since Battle Cases wants $150 to set up each instrument in the case, I probably would do this myself. I suppose another option is something like a Walt Johnson case.

Microphone – Recording yourself is a great way to refine your art. You can’t go wrong with a Shure SM57, or if you have some more money to spend, a Rode M3 or Rode NT1A or a Blue Spark (Engadget Review). These are just starting points. There are plenty of other microphones out there.

Portable Recorder – I myself have an OLD Marantz compact flash recording device. Old, I mean probably 8 years old now? There are a LOT of portable recorders on the market now. Though everyone and their mom swears by the Zoom Recorders, I have never heard anything recorded on them that sounds good. The microphones are really not very good. That being said, a flash recorder that does 24bit and 48khz or above that has XLR inputs would be ideal. Something like the Tascam DR100 MKII