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Lenny Pickett Seminar

Came across this on Youtube. Lenny is one of my favorite saxophonists. Very interesting lecture.

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Review: Gruv Gear V Solo

There comes a time when you just can’t carry all your stuff to the gig. Your tenor….and soprano…..and flute…..and stands…..and a music stand…..and a microphone stand. It’s a lot of stuff. Then you have to walk a good mile because the parking for the venue sucks balls and you are about a mile from where you want to be.

So, you decide it is time to get a cart. But what sorta cart? There are tons. Something multi-purpose, where it can be a dolly (hand truck), a cart, and maybe something inbetween. Then what you want is a Gruv Gear V Solo. It is a stylish, sturdy (holds 500lbs), and compact cart that can easily hold all your horns. Consider it.
2014-09-20 17.59.19 to Shutter

Not sure when launched, but it was recent. And now it’s ending due to lack of funds. Go figure. In fact, in the email sent out to it’s members, they only ever made $30 in donations from 2010 to 2014. That is sad.

I think what really killed it was lack of good content. What I have seen over there were shoddy “transcriptions” or “arrangements” songs. And they were peddling subscriptions at $50 a year for them? Say what? You could get a better transcription of mostly the same songs (or better songs) here for nothing.

As probably the longest running saxophone site on the net (check, we were up and running way back in May of 1999….that sax on the something didn’t start until November of 2001), it’s really hard to make money running a site unless you are putting out lessons and/or other high quality material(s) like Steve Neff and Bob Reyonlds. Producing that stuff takes a LOT OF TIME, especially all those books Steve Neff does. Hours and hours of tedious work. I have a tough time trying to get a sheet of the week out, but these doods do videos and books?!? Where does one have time for this?

It was a good idea, saxophonecommunity, but it was trying to be an upscale Sax on the something site. Not sure why we needed another one of those.

The Story Of Tina Brooks

If you have never heard Tina Brooks, check him out. A saxophonist who should have been synonymous with names like Joe Henderson, Stanely Turrentine, etc.

Here is his story:

He was 28 when he made the record, and you might have thought, if you didn’t know better, that he was well on his way to an influential career in the jazz forefront. Then comes the sobering thought— when Tina Brooks recorded The Waiting Game in 1961, his career was effectively finished. The record date fell five days before his 29th birthday, but he never recorded again. He would live 13 more years, but neither The Waiting Game nor any of the other music of his mature years was released in his lifetime. He died at 42, a bitter, penniless, incapacitated wreck, but he was he was given up for dead years before that.

Science Shows How Guitar Player’s Brains Are Actually Different

This is an interesting article:

For starters, guitarists literally have the ability to synchronize their brains while playing. In a 2012 study in Berlin, researchers had 12 pairs of guitarists play the same piece of music while having their brains scanned. They discovered that the guitarists’ neural networks would synchronize not only during the piece, but even slightly before playing. So, basically, guitarists can read each others’ minds better than they can read music.
That synch happens in the areas of the brain that deal with music production and social cognition, so it makes a real difference in how tight a band sounds. When people talk about a band’s chemistry, this may well be what they’re seeing. It also explains why brothers are the core duo in so many famous rock bands.

Wow, seems Guitarists have brains ;-). Next they will say Drummers have brains too…….

Scale Omnibus

Go and download this now the scale omnibus.

The Scale Omnibus is a FREE book that describes as many as 392 distinct scales in all 12 keys,with synonyms,historical notes,chords over which the scale sounds well,summary tables,and more. It took hours of researching,typing,read-proofing,and double-checking and might easily be the most complete book on this topic.

One Of Coltrane’s Saxophone Donated

Seems Ravi had three of them. This one was the one used on A Love Supreme.

Today, the museum kicked off its 13th annual Jazz Appreciation Month by celebrating A Love Supreme’s 50th anniversary. And in honor of the occasion, Ravi Coltrane, himself an accomplished contemporary jazz musician, donated one of his father’s three principal saxophones—a Mark VI tenor crafted by Henri Selmer Paris, a manufacturer of high-quality brass and woodwind instruments. The saxophone was made in 1965, the same year in which the recording of A Love Supreme was issued. “Every time I open the case to look at the saxophone,” said John Edward Hasse, curator of American music, who presided over its donation ceremony, “I get goosebumps. John…Coltrane’s….saxophone.”

Primentel – Death By Exposure

Bret Pimentel had an interesting post this morning:

I give my content away, directly to the reader, for free at my own website, but I retain the copyright. If someone wants to read it, they visit my site or retrieve one of my feeds. I make an astonishingly tiny amount of money from minimal advertising, the occasional affiliate product link, and a few donations. But the content remains under my control, in a single canonical copy.

Basically, some big named woodwind company. I suspect it was The Woodwind and The Brasswind, wanted to use some of his articles on their site in exchange for “increasing your website traffic” or something. He said no. Good for him.

I’ve been running a website since before 1999, I believe I started it in 1998 but only has data from 1999. Oh well. The point is, this is a BS thing. The “increasing website traffic”. If you got mentioned on, or some MAJOR site on the internet, yeah, you’ll see an increase in your traffic……for a day or two. Then….nothing. In the mean time, whomever wanted your articles and stuff has the content, and perhaps a Google search will have them come up first for it rather than your site.

In terms of money, there really isn’t a lot of money to be made with Ads. The THREE Ads I have on Jazz-Sax generate maybe $1 a day. Maybe. Sometimes more, sometimes less. That translates into maybe $100 from Google every 3 months. I don’t even know if that pays the electricity for the computer running it, or really covers the internet costs.

I think the most annoying thing is that, although the content here is FREE, you need to register. Why? Because I don’t want some guy in Russia hard linking to the files from his site. Or actually taking the files and putting them on their own servers. David Valdez, from the blog was doing this with some of my files and other people’s files. Not sure if he still is. I can sorta see the reasoning….perhaps he’s not sure if my or other people’s sites will be up in 6 months. 6 years. Whatever. So he thinks the stuff is valuable enough to take and put on his site. Fair enough. Except he didn’t ask. None of these people ask. Of course my answer is going to be NO, you cannot host files/articles on your site. You can, like Bret Pimentel tried to do, offer to put a summary and then link to my site for the actual content. I think that is fair.

I also absolutely hate….HATE….people who do “I see you have X on your site, can you send it to me”. NO! It’s there. Figure it out.

I’m going now to drive some kids off my lawn…..