June 24, 2024

yampol writes “As long as we’re talking about doubling on oboe, let’s talk about jazz oboe. The first player that comes to mind is the amazing multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, band-leader Yusef Lateef. His Eastern Sounds and Three Faces albums made a very strong impression on me. Check out the track “I’m Just a Lucky So and So” on the Three Faces album.

Anyone else have a favorite jazz oboist?


I don’t recommend the album with Bob Cooper and Bud Shank. They did an album that was jazz flute and jazz oboe. Bob Cooper played Oboe. I couldn’t bear it. I love Bob Cooper in Bob Florence’s band, and in solo albums, but his jazz Oboe….unbearable to me.

Update: 04/22 18:25 GMT by E :You know, I posted this story, and low and behold iTunes decided to put 2 of those Bob Cooper/Bud Shanks songs in my Random Selections Smart-Playlist. I still think Jazz Oboe is not cool. Hopefully someone can point me to something to change my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Jazz Oboe – Yusef Lateef

  1. Here’s an article about jazz oboe with lots of links. It mentions Lateef, Cooper, and several others.

    Experiments in Jazz Oboe

    This article comes from Brian Moses’ website (U of Kentucky oboe prof). He has a lot of other great info & links as well.

    The silence is deafening on this thread. I guess jazz oboe ain’t hip 🙂 Personally, I find that oboe works best on slow, blusey numbers, especially in minor keys. Something about the somber tone accentuates the mood of these pieces.


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