February 29, 2024

From Steve Goodson:

"Jey Clark, owner of Saxology in Berkeley, Ca, passed away last night after suffering a massive stroke on Sunday. I have no other details at this time, but the information was confirmed this afternoon in a conversation with his friend. Jey was a long time friend, a frequent visitor to my home, played his ass off, and made me laugh. I'll miss him."

Once upon a time I tried out some mouthpieces from him (when he ran Four Winds). I believe I have a vintage Berg Larsen alto mouthpiece I bought from his shop over ten years ago. Good guy to deal with as I remember.

2 thoughts on “RIP Jey Clark

  1. Jey will be missed . We did a lot of sax swaping over the years . His shop used to be here in Santa Cruz close to where I worked .
    He then opened a store in Campbell , CA then moved to Berkely , CA .
    He had a great inventory of mouthpieces and vintage saxes .
    I am currntly dealing with one of his silent partners if anyone has any questions reguarding his inventory .
    As far as I know his partner Eric is continuing to run the shop .
    Steve Gray sgray@cruzio.com

  2. That’s really bad news. The saxophone community is diminished with his passing. Jey was a great player — I witnessed that. He was also brilliant with mouthpieces, one of the very best of a precious few. Despite his brilliance, he was very kind to me — I’m just an intermediate player, but he spent time to help me sort through all of the choices. Man, it is sad to hear that.

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